Who’s At The Prime Time Table?

– Prime Time 55+

Sisters of all ages are phenomenal. But let’s celebrate older Black women who over perform and are underacknowledged, often erased by the triple jeopardy of racism, sexism and ageism. Click here to learn more about our PrimeTime 55+ directory.

  • A recent Howard University grad offers a Zellenial’s take on musical icon Mary J. Blige who recently shared her journey between darkness and light twenty-seven years after her favorite album.

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones chose Howard University, supporting a flourishing Black institution where her talents are celebrated, not erased. We feature her statement on that decision.

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Join Unerased | Black Women Speak and the Black Women's Roundtable to celebrate worthy women over 55. Our 55+ Directory will applaud achievements of sisters who embody Black Girl Magic.
For centuries dating back to our first days on this continent, Black women have waged an unbroken struggle to command our destiny. Listen to Trilogy 5 us as we unpack and lay open the struggles that B...