We embrace 2021 by marking the 125th Anniversary of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs.

Collaborative, courageous change agents, those Black women blazed the trail we follow today. Shining a light on herstory/ourstory, this space redefines the suffrage narrative and affirms the sturdy shoulders on which we stand.

  • Melanie Campbell could not be stopped. Fighting to uplift the power of Black women's voices, nothing slowed her down until COVID-19 came to her door.

  • Incoming Rep. Cori Bush was confused when greeted as 'Breonna.' Stunned, she soon realized that wearing Breonna Taylor's name is more than a political statement.

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Over a century before Black women sent one of their own to the Vice Presidency, their foremothers gathered in numbers before unseen to harness their collective power and fight for the rights of all.
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