This year we mark the 125th Anniversary of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs.

Collaborative, courageous change agents, those Black women blazed the trail we follow today. Shining a light on herstory/ourstory, this space redefines the suffrage narrative and affirms the sturdy shoulders on which we stand.

  • “Young, Gifted and Black” embodied the light that was Lorraine Hansberry who maximized every moment of her short life with pathos and meaning.

  • The emergence of young Malcolm X is told through the eyes of a daughter – just two years old when he was assassinated – determined to preserve Malcolm’s truth.

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Black women have long built “home” deep within themselves. Our latest podcast trilogy, visit these spaces – inward, financial, physical – to explore our sense of self and sanctuary.
One year after Breonna Taylor's senseless murder, poet Bernadine "Dine" Watson pays tribute across space, time and sameness.