Meet Patriots and Pathfinders, the Bold and Unbossed who have shaped our world through their brave, visionary contributions. They’ve toiled in the vineyards of “women’s work”– collaborative, intersectional change agents, sewing common threads of heart and valor. Thank you SiStars! You light our path, giving hope for the ages.

  • Sharon Richardson is cheffing community and causes in her kitchen to flip the narrative on the lives of formerly incarcerated women.

  • Fannie Lou Hamer's worldview birthed a vision for a future trained on equity, freedom, and reconciling history with policy.

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Join SRP and DC LaborFest for a free digital exhibition to honor Patsy Mink's crusade against injustice on Tuesday, September 22, at 7pm.
The historic selection of a Black woman as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee gives real meaning to suffrage and democracy. More than the backbone, we are the muscle, heart and soul.