This year we mark the 125th Anniversary of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs.

Collaborative, courageous change agents, those Black women blazed the trail we follow today. Shining a light on herstory/ourstory, this space redefines the suffrage narrative and affirms the sturdy shoulders on which we stand.

  • Homage to Black Music Month – The loud, proud, bombastic Ma Rainey changed the sound of music forever. Take a peek at her "See See Rider."

  • The voices of Black and Brown transwomen are often lost in history. This month, we honor their contributions and center them in the movements they created.

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Rosemari Mealy’s exquisite poem takes us on an enduring, emotional journey to the post-emancipation period now known as Juneteenth.
Singing through their pain, these superstars endured trauma and addiction to produce unforgettable music. Let’s celebrate their soaring legacies.