Much of the narrative of Black women’s presence in the suffrage movement is hardly known — actually erased. Through the years and centuries – then and now – herstory has been rendered nonexistent. Reversing the erasures requires filling gaps with an affirming voice that inspires, enlightens and elevates conversation in the public square for Black women, Brown women and people of every hue who have been excluded from democracy. We pick up the charge to unapologetically showcase voices often marginalized or erased from the democracy conversation.


Suffrage. Race. Power. (SRP) is an initiative launched by Black women that uniquely seeks to redefine suffrage beyond the singular act of voting. We aim to elevate Black women as a force for democratic change. Showcasing contributions that have been obscured or untold, SRP is unfurling the narrative to unerase the hidden stories and unsung champions. We redefine suffrage by reclaiming our story – yesterday, today and for the future. We offer this Digital Destination as a space for thought and light.