The 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women voting rights prompted our public engagement initiative. The amendment mostly negated Black women’s presence in the suffrage movement, voting rights and other strides for democratic change. Suffrage. Race. Power. (SRP) sounds an affirming narrative that engages, enlightens and elevates the voices from, for, and about Black women. We pick up the charge to unapologetically showcase who we are through content and actions that unerase our story.


SRP Unerased uniquely seeks to redefine suffrage beyond the singular act of voting. We embrace the power of civic engagement that has always unified and elevated Black women as a force for democratic change. Through storytelling, podcasts, video, poetry, history and advocacy partnerships, we showcase contributions and voices that have been obscured or marginalized, unfurling the narrative to unerase unsung champions. We offer this Digital Destination as a space for thought and light.