This space salutes Patriots and Pathfinders, the Bold and Unbossed whose contributions transcend the act of casting a ballot. Celebrated and unknown, they are women warriors who have joined the ancestors or are still alive making their mark today. They’ve toiled in the vineyards of “women’s work”– collaborative, intersectional change agents, sewing common threads of heart and valor.

Thank you SiStars! You light our path, giving hope for the ages.

Patriots and Pathfinders

Who was the first Black woman to be tapped as a vice presidential candidate? It's not who you think. Charlotta Bass paved the way in 1952 as the VP candidate on the Progressive Party ticket.
Fannie Lou Hamer's worldview birthed a vision for a future trained on equity, freedom, and reconciling history with policy.
Bricktop, the fiery red headed saloon keeper, held court in Paris' "it" scene. Captivating artists and expats helped her build bridges that traversed class, nationalism and cultures.


Nurtured and mentored by Civil Rights giants, Melanie Campbell whipped those lessons with grit and courage to lead the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation.
Rev. Leah has married political activism, religion and ancestral connection into a progressive Molotov to ignite change and illuminate darkness.
Sharon Richardson is cheffing community and causes in her kitchen to flip the narrative on the lives of formerly incarcerated women.