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Read forward. Listen up. Black women are speaking. We and our allies have a lot to say about politics, cultures, the state of our families and the state of the world. We share commentaries, profiles, poetry, podcasts and essays. 

Profiles and Posts

The key witness in Clarence Thomas’s nomination process joins David Remnick and Jane Mayer to discuss how sex and race shaped the new Justice’s experience, and her own.
In an escalation of partisan warfare, a little-known dark-money group is trying to thwart the President’s entire slate.
The first Black woman Supreme Court Justice has been officially sworn in. Harvard-trained, Florida-native, Associate Justice Brown Jackson is the first Supreme Court Justice with experience as a publi...

Poetry Corner

One year after Breonna Taylor's senseless murder, poet Bernadine "Dine" Watson pays tribute across space, time and sameness.
Rosemari Mealy’s exquisite poem takes us on an enduring, emotional journey to the post-emancipation period now known as Juneteenth.
“She was a person of the folks,” said poet and literary critic Sterling Brown who sheds love and light in this poem simply titled Ma Rainey.