Just Sayin’

Read forward. Listen up. Black women are speaking. We and our allies have a lot to say about politics, cultures, the state of our families and the state of the world. We share commentaries, profiles, poetry, podcasts and essays. 

Profiles and Posts

Scholar and race equity titan Lani Guinier, the first Black woman tenured at Harvard Law School, will be remembered as a visionary whose theories will be studied and practiced far into the future.
Black women veterans are not MIA. They just don’t get the props they deserve. We salute this Veterans Day with some light and love to Sheila D. Tyson and the unsung Black women veterans.
The term “WOC” negates racial identity in the service of racial unity and it obscures specific barriers facing Black women. It blends multiethnicities into a recipe of erasure.

Poetry Corner

One year after Breonna Taylor's senseless murder, poet Bernadine "Dine" Watson pays tribute across space, time and sameness.
Rosemari Mealy’s exquisite poem takes us on an enduring, emotional journey to the post-emancipation period now known as Juneteenth.
“She was a person of the folks,” said poet and literary critic Sterling Brown who sheds love and light in this poem simply titled Ma Rainey.