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Profiles and Posts

The Dance Mission Theater of San Francisco hosted a showcase that reckons with the 30 years between Rodney King and Breonna Taylor.
The stunning upset in Georgia was met with the swift enactment of voter restrictions that mirror the Jim Crow era. But, Black women on the ground are fighting back, confident they won’t be stopped.
Over a century before Black women sent one of their own to the Vice Presidency, their foremothers gathered in numbers before unseen to harness their collective power and fight for the rights of all.

Poetry Corner

One year after Breonna Taylor's senseless murder, poet Bernadine "Dine" Watson pays tribute across space, time and sameness.
Do not remember me as a bridge nor a roof / as the maker of legends / nor as a trap
Now you understand / Just why my head’s not bowed / I don’t shout or jump about / Or have to talk real loud.