Women have always come together around kitchen tables, on front porches, or safe spaces.

Unerased: #MyVoiceMyStory

Black women’s stories of struggle and achievement, love and loss have often been erased. But not here. Share your story. Celebrate your ancestors. Lift up your voice. You can create a video or audio recording on your phone and upload it or use the contact form to put it in writing.

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Kitchen Table Talks Podcast

Our 30-minute audio adventure opens conversations mostly shared among friends and tribe in safe space comfort. Like the kitchen table talks women enjoy over coffee or a meal, the Unerased podcast series will explore sensibilities to stoke our electoral energy and strength. Our Suffrage Unerased initiative, channeling the Centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women voting rights, is dedicated to a narrative shift. On the eve of the phenomenally high-stakes November elections we’ll ignite a flare for Black women, Brown women and all who support our leadership – to promote inclusion and progressive change. Pull up a seat at our kitchen table for our three-part Unerased series released leading up to the Centennial of the 19th Amendments and Women’s Equality Day in August.

Movements Worth Noting

Our Digital Destination aims to be a vehicle to promote organizations who are Unerasing challenges and creating opportunities for suffrage, race and power to thrive. Share what’s happening in the weeks and months ahead.