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Megan Thee Stallion tackles the misogyny, gender-based violence, the failures of policing, and why protecting Black women should never be controversial.
Millennials aren’t partying during the pandemic...they’re serving your drinks.
Balancing the emotional, physical, and mental care of incarcerated family can be especially taxing for Black women


Through the eyes of an immigrant who has also crusaded for racial and social justice, journalist and storyteller Maria Hinojosa’s new book takes us on a journey of darkness and light.
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, The AFRO Newspaper released a special edition celebrating Black women suffragists from the Nation's Capital.
This ground-breaking investigation gives lie to the notion of the fragile, defenseless White mistress, withering under the boot of antebellum patriarchy and slavery.

Moving Pictures

Join SRP and DC LaborFest for a free digital exhibition to honor Patsy Mink's crusade against injustice on Tuesday, September 22, at 7pm.
Join SRP and DC LaborFest for a free digital exhibition to honor Shirley Chisholm's historic campaign for the presidency on Tuesday, October 6, at 7pm.
Educator and activist Septima Clark, championed literacy and citizenship workshops to help Black people prevail against racist voter suppression laws of the Jim Crow era.