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The folk and lore of Rosa Parks does little to complete the picture of the dynamic, skilled and purposeful Civil Rights activist that she was.
"I've done my best" was the final line of Cicely Tyson's 50-year Hollywood reign. On her own terms, the curtains closed with style, honor and grace.
The American Civil Liberties Union elects Deborah Archer president, the first Black person to hold this title in the organization's 101-year history.


Diane McKinney-Whetstone remembers novelist Eric Jerome Dickey who understood Black womanhood.
Two Spelman College BFFs for 50+ years serve a virtual feast of essays on struggles, triumphs, reverence and awe.
Isabel Wilkerson lays bare U.S. racial structures with historical parallels to Nazi Germany and India's caste system.

Moving Pictures

Join SRP and DC LaborFest for a free digital exhibition to honor Patsy Mink's crusade against injustice on Tuesday, September 22, at 7pm.
Join SRP and DC LaborFest for a free digital exhibition to honor Shirley Chisholm's historic campaign for the presidency on Tuesday, October 6, at 7pm.
Educator and activist Septima Clark, championed literacy and citizenship workshops to help Black people prevail against racist voter suppression laws of the Jim Crow era.