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Sometimes top of mind. Other times unspoken. But always exploring our world. Black Women Unerased episodes – a 30-minute connect with causes and change agents – literally give voice to  issues that invoke, insight and invite our company. Our mashups, conversations and culture pop engagement leave you wanting for more. 

Trilogy 1

The Likability quotient for women office seekers seems to be more unforgiving than for men. Check out the views from Black women politicos.
“Women of Color” or “People of Color” are convenient shorthand that denies the distinct experience, not only of Black folks, but all folks...or is it?
Going into the Presidential Election Black women are generally a united front. But are there divides that separate Boomers from Millennials?

Trilogy 2

Unfettered dialogues with trans, queer and hetero Black women give heat and light to the quest for a landing space on common ground that declares Ain’t I A Woman.
Insights, affirmations and tips defy the obstacles and embrace the opportunities to Black women’s health and self-care.
This episode, voiced by women with lived experiences inside the cage, explores needs beyond the profoundly broken and unsustainable system.

Trilogy 3

A friend, an auntie and "bonus" mom take us on a trip through intersectionality, AIDS stigma and the healthcare system.
A politically-aligned and generationally-diverse sister circle trade opinions on barriers holding us back from racial equity.
A cross-generational cohort of Black women kick back and react to our favorite tidbits on Black women's voting power.

Trilogy 4

Finding home in America has long been a complicated act for Black people. In this episode we train a light on the plight of the unhoused, policies to help and do-gooders being the change we seek.
Access to capital has long been used to deny Black communities economic advancement. In this episode we talk wage equity, banking, and crypto to build new pathways to financial independence.
Beauty is the art of possibilities, to turn into oneself and embrace the reflection that you see. In this episode, we take on myths and celebrate our images, hues, hair and power.

Trilogy 5

We kickoff this trilogy with the White Dress Project. Sharing personal journeys, confronting myths, and breathing hope into relief for a malady that we once suffered in silence and alone.  

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